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Manufacturer: FLORIM

Made in Italy

Designer: Franco Guerzoni

Inspired by the idea that “a wall is like a book to be opened”, in the ARCHEOLOGIE collection Franco Guerzoni uses large ceramic surfaces as a medium for his pictorial language, made up of visual signs intended to stimulate “a journey into the interior, revealing the experiences, memories, signs and symbols the wall has absorbed over the centuries”. Disused locations, domestic architecture and industrial spaces, and archaic and ruined dwellings re-emerge from the painted surface with the dignity of intense, image-inspiring apparitions.


View additional special-order colours, sizes & finishes by downloading the above brochure

Archeologie A Slab

Archeologie A Slab

- Matte 1200x2400

Archeologie B Slab

Archeologie B Slab

- Matte 1200x2400

Archeologie C Slab

Archeologie C Slab

- Matte 1200x2400

Archeologie D Slab

Archeologie D Slab

- Matte 1200x2400

Archeologie Grigio Slab

Archeologie Grigio

Base Tile

- Matte 600x1200

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