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Manufacturer: COEM

Made in Italy

BRICKLANE porcelain stoneware is able to transmit all the allure of brick, thanks to the large variety of textures and diluted, dusty shades that offer a retro look.

Bricklane Lifestyle 1.png


View additional special-order colours, sizes & finishes by downloading the above brochure

Bricklane Intonaco.png

Bricklane Intonaco

- Matte (R10) 101x614

Bricklane Bruno.png

Bricklane Bruno

- Matte (R10) 101x614

Bricklane Cotto.png

Bricklane Cotto

- Matte (R10) 101x614

Bricklane Cemento.png

Bricklane Cemento

- Matte (R10) 101x614

Bricklane Nero.png

Bricklane Nero

- Matte (R10) 101x614

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