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Manufacturer: SETTECENTO

Made in Italy

The energy, excitement and vivacity of 5 bright colours with a "sparkling effect" are the main features of this dynamic concept. Two interesting sizes, 76x305 & a Hexagon Shape 151x173, together with the pureness of an exquisite glaze, results in an exciting and vibrant wall tile.


View additional special-order colours, sizes & finishes by downloading the above brochure

Chroma Brick Bianco .png

Chroma Brick Bianco

- Gloss 76x305

Chroma Hex Bianco.png

Chroma Hex Bianco

- Gloss 151x173

Chroma Brick Blu.png

Chroma Brick Blu

- Gloss 76x305

Chroma Brick Perla.png

Chroma Brick Perla

- Gloss 76x305

Chroma Hex Perla.png

Chroma Hex Perla

- Gloss 151x173

Chroma Hex Blu.png

Chroma Hex Blu

- Gloss 151x173

Chroma Brick Grigio.png

Chroma Brick Grigio

- Gloss 76x305

Chroma Hex Grigio.png

Chroma Hex Grigio

- Gloss 151x173

Chroma Brick Grafite.png

Chroma Brick Grafite

- Gloss 76x305

Chroma Hex Grafite.png

Chroma Hex Grafite

- Gloss 151x173

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