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Manufacturer: CEDIT

Made in Italy

Designer: Giorgio Griffa

The mystery and poetry of painting. Art that inhabits space.

The distinctive traits of the “Euridice” collection, in their apparent simplicity, embody an extraordinary and bar-setting complexity stemming from the history of painting, even including the memory of the gesture taught by the Paleolithics.


Download the above brochure for more information

This collection attracts a 12-14 week lead-time

Euridice Discendente.jpg

Discendente Slab

- Matte 1200x2400

Euridice Orrizontale Lungo

Orrizontale Lungo Slab

- Matte 1200x2400

Euridice Obliquo Verticale.jpg

Obliquo Verticale Slab

- Matte 1200x2400

Euridice Orrizontale Quadrato.jpg

Orrizontale Quadrato Slab

- Matte 1200x2400

Euridice Obliquo

Obliquo Slab

- Matte 1200x2400

Euridice Tela

Euridice Tela

Base Tile

- Matte 600x1200

- Matte 1200x1200

- Matte 1200x2400

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