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Manufacturer: CERIM

Made in Italy

Cement reinterpreted based on a more modern perspective.


A collection in continuous development with the design of the dwelling and with the architectural needs. The pattern of everyday life is mixed up in Maps of Cerim with the clean and light lines of the industrial simplicity of cement, giving the environments a more informal and refined appearance.

Maps of Cerim LS2.png


View additional special-order colours, sizes & finishes by downloading the above brochure

Maps White.png

Maps White

- Matte (R10) 400x800

Maps Light Grey.png

Maps Light Grey

- Matte (R10) 300x600

- Matte (R10) 600x600

- Matte (R10) 600x1200

Maps Graphite.png

Maps Graphite

- Matte (R10) 300x600

- Matte (R10) 600x600

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