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Manufacturer: CEDIT (FLORIM)

Made in Italy

Designer: BRH+ | Barbara Brondi & Marco Rainò

The design of “Matrice”, also drawing from suggestions that derive directly from modern Italian architecture and studying the particular harmony of the exposed scores in cement of some compositional solutions from that creative season, has led to the re-invention of a series of finishes that can be applied to porcelain stoneware material. This means that original combinations can be obtained that are always different from the various ceramics in the collection, in order to create decidedly intense dwelling environments with great personality.


Download the above brochure for more information

This collection attracts a 12-14 week lead-time

Matrice Essenza.jpg

Matrice Essenza

Matrice Traccia.jpg

Matrice Traccia

Matrice Sostanza.jpg

Matrice Sostanza

Matrice Rilievo.jpg

Matrice Rilievo

Matrice Aura.jpg

Matrice Aura

Matrice Struttura.jpg

Matrice Struttura

Matrice Forma.jpg

Matrice Forma

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