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Made in Morocco

Our Zellige Mosaic tiles are all handmade in Morocco. Using traditional and ancient techniques, we bring custom and specialty tiles to your space to create living works of art. Use these colourful hand painted and handmade Moroccan tiles for decorative accents on counters, bathrooms, vanities, window surrounds, fireplaces and more. 

Be inspired and experience the delicate charm of these hand painted treasures.


View the below items on display in our Canberra Showroom

Zellige Snow.png

Zellige Snow

- Gloss 100x100

Zellige Latte.png

Zellige Latte

- Gloss 100x100

Zellige Dust.png

Zellige Dust (Off-White)

- Gloss 100x100

Zellige Duck Egg Blue.png

Zellige Duck Egg Blue

- Gloss 100x100

Zellige Moss.png

Zellige Moss

- Gloss 100x100

Bejmat Snow.png

Bejmat Snow

- Gloss 45x145x20

Zellige Avocado.png

Zellige Avocado

- Gloss 100x100

Bejmat Moss.png

Bejmat Moss

- Gloss 45x145x20

Zellige Moroccan Pink.png

Zellige Moroccan Pink

- Gloss 100x100

Bejmat Dark Grey.png

Bejmat Dark Grey

- Gloss 45x145x20

Bejmat Unglazed.png

Bejmat Unglazed

- Matte 45x145x20

Bejmat Royal Blue.png

Bejmat Royal Blue

- Gloss 45x145x20

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