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Manufacturer: SANT'AGOSTINO

Made in Italy

All the trendiest decorative items in interior and fashion, from wallpapers to fabrics, with the themes of wild flowers or hints of refined geometries, oriental prints or naive designs, in the shades of white, mother-of-pearl, of blue, green or pink, of orange, yellow and black, reported on an endless series of 7x30 glossy or opaque bricks in double firing: this is DECORLINE



View additional special-order colours, sizes & finishes by downloading the above brochure


- Satin 75x300

This product is supplied as a mixed box

Plantbrick 22.png
Plantbrick 21.png
Plantbrick 26.png
Plantbrick 23.png
Plantbrick 25.png
Plantbrick 18.png
Plantbrick 19.png
Plantbrick 20.png
Plantbrick 24.png
Plantbrick 17.png
Plantbrick 16.png
Plantbrick 14.png
Plantbrick 13.png
Plantbrick 15.png
Plantbrick 12.png
Plantbrick 11.png
Plantbrick 10.png
Plantbrick 6.png
Plantbrick 5.png
Plantbrick 2.png
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