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Manufacturer: SANT'AGOSTINO

Made in Italy

The careful selection of color points belonging to the family of warm grey makes SHADESTONE a collection with a strong aesthetic personality and, at the same time, delicate. The strong aesthetic character is softened and made mildly elegant by the sophisticated color palette of the “Shade” project: a color system developed in five contemporary colors, declined accordingly to a uniform color gradation. Its polyhedric soul, ideal for the most current design projects – interior and exterior – of contemporary architecture, is also expressed through the choice of three different surfaces: natural, polished and structured (the latter designed specifically for outdoor use and also available in 2 cm slabs).


View additional special-order colours, sizes & finishes by downloading the above brochure

Shadestone Sand.png

Shadestone Sand

- Matte (R10) 600x600

- Lappato 600x600

Shadestone Dark.png

Shadestone Dark

- Matte (R10) 600x600

- Lappato 600x600

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