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Manufacturer: CIFRE

Made in Spain

Sonora is the perfect series to add a touch of colour in your bathroom or kitchen space. The tile is condensed to the smaller 75x150mm measurement, meaning it will not overwhelm the space. Together with this is the subtle colour variation across the face of the tile. This serves to add dimension to the area and eliminates the feeling of having an overly bold and impactful space.

Sonora Lifestyle.png


View the below items on display in our Canberra Showroom

Sonora Glaciar Gloss 75x150.png

Sonora Glaciar

- Gloss 75x150

Sonora Turquoise Gloss 75x150.png

Sonora Turquoise

- Gloss 75x150

Sonora Sky Gloss 75x150.png

Sonora Sky

- Gloss 75x150

Sonora Emerald Gloss 75x150.png

Sonora Emerald

- Gloss 75x150

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